Do you know the interpretation of gold in sleep, the interpretation of dreams?

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 Do you know the interpretation of gold in sleep, the interpretation of dreams?

Do you know the interpretation of gold in sleep, the interpretation of dreams?

Dreams are a word for dream, defined as a series of fantasies that occur in people in their sleep, as dreams are heavily and strongly associated in the subconscious.

And often, as many psychological and mental studies have shown, dreams stem from the mind as a result of some real - life emotions.

General explanation:

The vision of gold in dreams or sleeps symbolizes riches, spirituals, healing and light.

Gold also symbolizes love and longevity.

But if things in your life are not and must be, the gold in the dream symbolizes selfishness, corruption and temptation.

If you dreamt you'd found the gold, it means you've discovered something very important and valuable about yourself, and maybe that thing you've discovered is talent or knowledge.

If you bury gold in the dream, it shows that you're trying to hide something from yourself so that others don't know it.

An explanation for the dream of gold by Napolci:

He's in sleep. It's hated.

In his opinion, he wore some gold, and he was brought up by incompetent people. If he hit a gold alloy, he injured them as much as he did gold or was angered and fined by the Sultan.

And who saw it melt gold, was lost in something hated, and people fell into the year.

And who thought he was given a big piece of gold, he gets power and power.

Seeing that he had found the right dinar, he saw the King's face, and returned safely from it.

It & apos seen that you've gone evil and hallucinating.

And who saw that his house was gone by a fire.

And who saw it as his hands who went hero and went motionless.

It's who saw that his eyes were from my uncle's sight.

He thought he had a necklace of gold or silver or beads or the essence of a state guardian, and he imitated honesty.

The vision of gold is indicative of joys and livelihoods, good work and worries, husbands and boys, science and gift.

If the gold in the sleepover becomes silver, then the change from the women, the money, the children and the servants from the increase to the shortage, and the silver in the sleepover becomes gold, as well as the evidence from the spouses, the parents or the clan.

And the gold woven and what I look like is a kinship to God. Gold painted is indicative of the likeness of the people of the world or the work of the others.

The pure gold and silver signifies sincerity, good faith and the right covenant.

Gold and silver are a constant livelihood, as are the stretch of copper and iron.

Elain the gold dream according to Ibn Shaheen:

It is sporadic and everything has a separate expression. Anyone who thinks that he has hit a gold, or something that he hates, or goes from, money, as far as the King sees it or gets angry at him, even though he has a job of isolation.

And the known amount of gold pieces is better than unknown.

And see how much more gold is inspired, laid down, done, crafted and hidden.

If it is a breach, dinar and gold are the equivalent of dinar.

And gold in terms of sentence on whatever its vision is not welcome to two meanings: One is that it's based on going, and the other is yellow.

Who thinks he's got semi-real-time or other working gold, he's got them, he's staying, he's better.

And whoever thinks he's hit a newspaper with gold or alloys, he's mostly hit them.

See the gold is fine and sad for men and women are welcome if he wears.

And seeing him eat something, he saves money.

And who thought he'd hit the alloy of his money gold or the King's rage on him, and maybe he'd been saddened by a fine or illness or something else.

And who thought his house of gold was set on fire, so take it.

And seeing as it melts gold, it feuds in something that's hated, and it's been a long year for people.

The explanation for the gold dream by Miller's encyclopedia:

If you catch gold in your dream, you'll be successful in all your unusual projects.

If a woman dreams she's got gifts of gold, whether it's money or gold trinkets, she'll marry a rich but greedy man.

If you find gold, it means that your lofty abilities will easily put you at the forefront of the pursuit of honor and wealth.

If you lose gold, you lose the biggest chance in your life because of neglect.

If you dream of finding a race of gold, it means an unpleasant privilege will be imposed on you.

If you dream you're thinking of running a gold mine, you're gonna try to usurp other people's rights, and you have to warn family scandals.

Gold chip:

If you dream of gold chips, it means a bright future awaits you.

Elain the gold dream according to Ibn Serin:

Gold: If he wears an inheritance in his hand, he is seen to have worn something of gold. He is blessed by incompetent people, and whoever has hit an alloy from which his money went or hit them as much as he did gold or was mad at him by Sultan.

And if he saw gold going, he went into something hated and fell into people's year.

And who saw his house as a creed or who went on fire.

And who saw a necklace, a silver, a bead, a core, a state guardian, and a honesty.

And whoever saw two gold or silver bracelets in him got something wrong with his hands, and silver was better than gold and no good in the bracelet. I saw it was in my hands with two bracelets of gold, so I blew it, so I fell into the hands of the liar and the vassal of Sana'a.

In his view, he had to be left behind by gold or silver, who had been intimidated or locked up and handcuffed. The men's concubines were said to be shackled.

Gold, if not painted, is a fine, and if it is painted, it is weaker in evil to enter another name. Women's ornaments are said to indicate to women their children their gold, male and female, and male may indicate male and female.

And he told me that a woman came across. She said: I saw that I had a bowl of Abriz's gold, and I broke and I ran into the ground, and I asked for it. Alec is a sick slave or nation. Yes, he said: He's dying.

And he saw a human being whose eyes were gone, and he offered to go with his sight.

A person who sees as having infected a bowl of gold, burgundy or cosa with a rug is a servant who buys him or a woman in which he marries or is engaged in a malaise of creation, and who sees as using gold and silver utensils is guilty.

If a person sees that he wears gold as an inheritance, he inherits.

Whoever thinks he's melting gold, he's caught in a fight, and his biography falls into people's tongues.

Whoever thinks he lives in a house who's gone or that his house is religious, his house is set on fire.

Whoever thinks he's imitating a necklace of gold, he's hit a state with honesty and responsibility.

Whoever saw him wearing two bracelets of gold, he had a bad thing to do, he said: While I was asleep, I saw in my hands two bracelets of gold. If I blow them, I blow them breakfast, I give them liars to come out after me. One of them was the ventriloquist.

Whoever sees him dressed in gold is locked up, men in vision are confused, and only the necklace, necklace, ring and earring are fit for men in sleep.

If the woman sees the bracelet and the rear of the gold, that's an elanation.

If a woman sees a woman's ornaments, it is indicative of their children, if it is gold, denote their males, even if it is silver and denotes their females.

A Vision of the Dream of Gold in Sleep for Singles

Gold in Manam for singles expresses a new good and opportunity and a treasure that she will find in her husband and will be good, so that when she sees gold in Manam for singles, good and blessing, and proof of her marriage soon, and whoever saw in her sleep that she's wearing a crown made of gold, this vision is proof of her wedding soon, and if she's engaged or not, it will show her integrity and she's not.

A Vision of the Dream of Gold in Sleep for Married Women

There are many signs of a dream of gold in Manam for a married woman:

Gold in a dream for a married woman is a good and a blessing.

Gold's vision of a married woman refers to her male children.

Indicates the departure of a married woman with daughters is the marriage of her daughters, nieces or best friend to a good husband soon.

The rear, the bracelet and the gold ring in the dream refer to husband and married life.

The interpretation of gold in the dream of an unmarried married woman means the pregnancy of a relative you wish.

The interpretation of gold in the dream of a married woman who does not wish to become pregnant is a fortune or inheritance that awaits her very soon.

If she is unhappy, it means problems in the lives of her male children.

A married woman's receipt of a golden gift in a dream is interpreted as good, referring to the acquisition of wealth or halal money, and if the gift from the husband is a sign of his love for the wife and the stability of life between them.

Explanation of a married woman's receipt of a gift of gold from an embryo or infant to a close pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child in the family.

A Vision of the Dream of Gold in Sleep for the Pregnant

If she sees the pregnant woman in her sleep wearing a gold ring, it is indicative of the birth of a born woman who sees the gold ring with a lobe that demonstrates the effort to obtain God's proximity to the narrator. Gold also signifies comfort and vagina, and if a pregnant woman sees in her sleep that her ring she wears in her finger and actually wears it, she will be born male and her son Barr will be there.

A Dream Vision in Gold

The explanation of the dream of wearing gold in Manam is that, in his view, he wears something of gold in Manam, he crowds incompetent men, wearing a gold bracelet in Manam may indicate inheritance, and wearing a necklace of gold in Manam signifies high and high office.

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