Different types of arts painting and others hightlights of visual arts

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Different types of arts painting and others hightlights of visual arts

arts painting/ visual arts/ frida kahlo vincent van gogh diamond painting abstract art

arts painting/ visual arts/ frida kahlo vincent van gogh diamond painting abstract art

An art blog

An art blog is a common type of blog that comments on art. More recently, as with other types of blogs, some art blogs have taken on 'web 2.0' social networking features. Art blogs that adopt this sort of change can develop to become a source of information on art events (listings and maps), a way to share information and images, or virtual meeting ground.
Art blogs entries cover different topics, from art critiques and commentary to insider art world gossip, auction results, art news, personal essays, portfolios, interviews, artists’ journals, art marketing advice and artist biographies. Some artists use art blogs as a form of new media art project.
Art blogs may also serve as a forum to reach out to anybody interested in art — be it painting, sculpture, print making, creative photography, video art, conceptual art or new media. In this way, they may be visited not only for the practitioners of different forms of art, but also collectors, connoisseurs, and critics.

Natural arts

Natural arts is an art blog that features new contemporary artworks that don’t adhere to any specific genre or trend.
Topics include original paintings, drawings, charcoals, glassworks, sculptures, different styles of prints, and more.
Every Hi-Fructose blog post features a different artist and highlights one of their most recent contributions, some of which are on display at museums, exhibitions, or other public places. After you learn about the blog post’s featured artwork and how it was developed, you’re then given the chance to view related art projects.
Typically, the blog posts will feature some elements of the artist’s background and include one or two quotes from the artist which gives you a glimpse into their worldview and reasons for creating the artwork featured in the blog.
If it’s original and clever artwork you’re after, Hi-Fructose will truly inspire and impress you.

Environmental art

Environmental art is a range of artistic practices encompassing both historical approaches to nature in art and more recent ecological and politically motivated types of works. Environmental art has evolved away from formal concerns, worked out with earth as a sculptural material, towards a deeper relationship to systems, processes and phenomena in relationship to social concerns. Integrated social and ecological approaches developed as an ethical, restorative stance emerged in the 1990s.Over the past ten years environmental art has become a focal point of exhibitions around the world as the social and cultural aspects of climate change come to the forefront.

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